This is the personal website of Tobias Brink. I am a materials scientist, working with atomistic computer simulations. Currently, my research revolves around grain boundaries in metals. I have also worked on plasticity in metallic glasses and tribology.

This website contains notes and some blog posts about computational materials science, as well as some info on my scientific work. I will also write about other, mostly technology-related topics when they interest me. See the publications links at the top of the page for articles I (co-)authored. I try to make at least some version of my papers freely available and link them there.

If you want to follow me, there is an RSS feed available and I am on ResearchGate (although I mostly just put my publications there).


You can also contact me via, especially if you have comments regarding this website.

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This does not apply to third-party content on these pages. In all other cases, permission must be obtained to re-use the content. This is usually, but not always, indicated by the © symbol. More details here.

I try to produce content that is correct and complete, but this blog is a hobby. I can make no guarantees that anything is correct or that any external links still point to what I intended them to point to when I included them. If you are doing something important with any information presented, please double-check.

This site does not include or import third-party JavaScript or load external assets that could be used to track you. There are also no cookies. My current hoster is Hetzner, who keeps anonymised access logs (mostly because I could not figure out how to disable it) in accordance with German data protection laws. These logs are not processed in any way by me.


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I heavily referred to Butterick’s Practical Typography for layout and typography hints. Check it out, it is free to read online.

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